NDS® Probiotic Series

What makes NDS superior probiotics?

NDS probiotics differ in a number of ways to other probiotic brands. During the manufacture of probiotics, the strains are freeze-dried prior to being bottled for resale, what this process means to the bacteria is that liquid and moisture within the strains are now harshly removed to preserve their shelf life. This is great for the stockists of probiotics on the shelves, however not so good for the consumer purchasing. As with the vast majority of other brands, most probiotics are consumed in this form without any reactivation of strains.

Therefore no reactivation with adequate liquid for maximum adhesion to our gut wall, and given they are consumed straight into an acidic stomach, the results don’t fare too positive either. NDS probiotics come in powder form, prior to consumption they need to be reactivated in lukewarm water for 15 minutes in order to hydrate the bacteria themselves as they are living microbes.

Another reason why NDS is superior is the addition of both nutrients for maximum osmosis potential (adhesion to the gut wall) and the addition of some prebiotics for each strain to consume. The addition of nutrients (minerals) to each product encourages the osmotic process and diffusion of strains encouraging them to line the gut wall. This process is known as ‘mineral mix’ utilizing their unique Biotechnology.

NDS probiotic blends have been vigorously tested and studied within a laboratory, University, and hospital environment and have been utilized in studies within the Netherlands.

Another clear benefit that NDS Nutrition probiotics offer is targeted blends for specific illness and dysfunction. With the huge advances in nutrition and functional medicine today, whose major ethos is individual medicine, its unrealistic to believe that one blend of probiotic strains is going to benefit all ailments and all people, yes, of course, this idea is amazing, however, its untrue.

NDS offers targeted blends that have contain a mix of strains proven to benefit a range of illnesses including inflammation, IBS, IBD, Crohns, Colitis, migraines, stress, children, weight loss, constipation, and sports performance. Ask yourself this, why would you take strains for constipation if you experience diarrhea from endurance sports? It simply doesn’t add up!

If you want targeted proven strains then NDS is for you.

These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.