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NDS Nutrition

NDS® Probiotic Performance®

NDS® Probiotic Performance®

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NDS® Probiotic Performance®

Daily dose:
 1 teaspoon in water - leave for 15 minutes and drink.


Ideal for sport, fitness etc. Stress from sport and fitness affects the gutflora and the immune system.

Stress related to demanding sport, ie runners diarrhoea. Physical stress related to illness accompanied by loose stools/diarrhoea.

Rehabilitation or increase in activity, where the gut reacts by getting loose. Demanding treatment where diarrhoea is a side effect.

Ingredients: Cornstarch, maltodextrine, mineralmix and enzymes. 6 strains of probiotic bacteria: B.lactis, B.bifidum, E.faecium, L.acidophilus, L.brevis, Lactococcus lactis

Bio-Active technology

Store in cool, dry place - do not refrigerate. Keep out of reach of children.

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