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NDS Nutrition

NDS® Probiotic S-60-NRG®

NDS® Probiotic S-60-NRG®

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NDS® Probiotic S-60-NRG®

Stress and PTSD, autoimmunity, developmental disturbances (autismspectrum, ADHD). Has no Lactobacillus Acidophilus, so suitable for those who do not tolerate that strain. Mental/emotional wear and tear.

Daily dose: 1 teaspoon in water - leave for 15 minutes and drink.
For a hectic and stressful life.

Ingredients: Ricestarch, maltodextrin, mineralmix and enzymes. 8 strains of probiotic bacteria: B.bifidum, B.breve, B.infantis, B.lactis, L.brevis, L.casei, L.paracasei, L.lactis.

Bio-Active technology

Store in cool, dry place - do not refigerate. Keep out of reach of children.
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