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NDS® PureLine Pets Ezy Move®

NDS® PureLine Pets Ezy Move®

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Collagen Peptides (Bovine) for dogs and cats.

NDS Pets Ezy Move is designed for dogs to reduce risk of arthritis as a preventative, but also to help recover from arthritis and painful joints. Dogs with age commonly get arthritis, however, NDS Pets Ezy Move is designed to target cartilage and maintian the mass in younger dogs and increase the cartilage mass for older dogs with wear and tear. 

Cartilage and joints contain up to 75% collagen.

NDS® Pets Ezy Move® for dogs and cats should not be dissolved in water but sprinkled over food. 100% taste neutral.

Recommended daily dose:

Dog/Cat Dosage
1-5 kg 1 gr.
5-10 kg 2 gr.
11-25 kg 2-5 gr.
26-44 kg 5-9 gr.
>45 kg >9 gr.

1 flat measuring spoon (5 ml = 2 gr.) Collagen peptides.

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